Products that inspire trust

To offer the best handle day by day, as well as products with the highest quality and adhering to the specifications required by each of our customers, always complying with the established delivery times. Develop innovative projects for our clients that meet their needs, identifying the appropriate processes for the manufacture of the pieces, knowing the advantages and limitations of each material utilized.



● Tests and prototypes

● Design of:

   Gages,Tooling, Go NOGO

  Templates, Socket Wrenches, Cogs

   Jigs, and more.



● Manufacture of industrial floors

● Refurbishment

● Machining in Materials

● Carbon steels

● Allies

● Copper

● Brass

● Bronze

● Engineering plastics, and more.



● MIG welding

● TIG welding

● SMAW welding

● Manufacturing of:

● Service cars

● Workbenches

● Structures

● Containers

● Racks

● Pallets, among others

• Idea

• Design

• Conceptualization and Valuation

• Execution